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The efficiency of the tormentine for reel

l'efficacité du tourmentin pour enrouleur

What is the efficiency of the reel tormentine

Its thick profile leading edge generates very effective traction. The result is surprising (V&V GPS comparison), its performance is such that some sailors simply set it up to relieve the boat and restore relative comfort to sail upwind in the breeze.

The feedback we collected was unanimous on one point: the amazing aerodynamic efficiency of the Storm-bag with its thick attack profile. They corroborate the GPS measurements made during tests organised by Voiles et Voiliers in March 2007 (11% faster and 5° better than a classic storm).

Some theoretical explanations:

All those who have used it have told us that they no longer hesitate to establish it as soon as a strong breeze is established without waiting for the bad weather.

The idea is to “calm the entrance play” to relieve the boat, the equipment …and the crew, with a more comfortable balance under sail…And especially not to have to manoeuvre in the front with wind likely to increase in strength…

The Storm-bag® more effective than a torment on a dropable forestay

Some of these questions: dunnage, weight, spreader rake, storage along the mast, anchoring on deck, anchoring on mast, whether or not to use runners, rigging screw and its storage, forestay stiffness, price…

Once these questions are passed, we notice that the maximum possible surface area for a sail on this triangle is reduced and often does not exceed 35 to 40% of the genoa (depending on the deck layout).

Also conclude that the drop strut often does not allow to establish a sail other than a storm storm or a jib.

The second step consists in comparing a classic carabiner storm and the effectiveness of the furling storm.

In difficult sea conditions, it will be necessary to install the rigging screw, drop the forestay from its storage, connect it to the rigging screw (careful four-handed operation), not having done these steps in time already involves the safety capital.. then look for and install sheets, look for the tormentine bag, take out the luff, install the karabiners, tack and halyard… beware of the return, if the wind is already strong, the tormentine climbs alone on the forestay….

On the other hand, the efficiency of the Storm-bag is concentrated at three points to hit… with a delayed sending when you return to the cockpit.

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