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The ease of the tormentine for rewinder

Tourmentin / jib de routeThe reel torment is easy

The turret for reel

Keep your reel tormentor if you change boats of the same category.

The reel torment compared to other solutions

A first point that distinguishes the reel tormentor from all other solutions is its complete packaging including the sheets and the tack cap with its carabiner. This is an insignificant aspect, because in the panic it will not be easy to find or improvise listening devices, it being understood that it is not a question of taking those of the furling genoa.

A second important point also distinguishes it. Installation and shipping are done separately and not necessarily immediately.

In the case of tormentins with snap hooks, as soon as the bag is removed and the flap released, the tormentine rises by itself and faseye violently before the departure of the crew member concerned by the manoeuvre.

In a comparative test, the Dutch magazine Zeilen (February 2004) which had clearly preferred the Storm-bag to the Gale Sail (it was also compared with the boxwood ball necklace system and a classic stormwater on a drop-down forestay)… The main reasons given in the conclusions were already there:

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