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Storm jib over roller furling: the range

The range includes five models of 4 to 13 m² corresponding to boats of 20 to 60 feet long :

boat length storm jib *
<  8m < 27’ 4m²
from 8.00 to 10.50m from 27’ to 35’ 6m²
from 10.50 to12.50m from 35’ to 42’ 8m²
from 12.50 to 15.00m from 42’ to 50’ 10m²
> 15.00m > 50’ 13m²

* In the absence of regulations, this table gives a recommended Storm-bag for a given length of vessel, the development of each model was based on an average boat profile for each category.  It is the responsibility of the user to select the sail which is best suited to their particular vessel. Bespoke sails can be manufactured upon request – contact us with your requirements.

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