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Storm-bag special catamaran

NEW STORM-BAG: the special catamaran

More than 10 years now that the STORM-BAG is equipping more and more sailboats that sail all the seas of the globe with this essential safety sail.

Needless to say, it is often the only solution for facing bad weather or holding a course in the breeze, on all boats equipped only with furling sails, sails that are generally unsuitable for this demanding exercise.

Thanks to the height adjustment adjustment, the five models in the range covered almost all the market’s requirements; some exceptions could be handled with custom models, a request that is still possible from the manufacturer.

Only a few boats could not find STORM-BAG at their feet, such as cruise catamarans, whose sheet rails are nowadays most often perched on the roofs.

Today, it has been done: this gap has been filled by a new 9 m² model with a “Yankee” triangulation to match this configuration.

The Storm bag special catamaran has all the same finishes as the other models, but with the same tack to adjust its height for each boat. And perhaps most importantly: its compact packaging contains the essential listening system!

Built in a very robust way, it will be able to equip all catamarans from 40′ to 55′. From now on, navigators on two or three legs will also be able to appreciate the simplicity and speed of its installation, a first important guarantee of safety.

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