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Folding the Storm-Bag

The steps of folding the Storm-bag

After each disarming, the initial Storm-bag must be folded.

1) Position the sail flat, halyard point up, packaging bag below.

2) First fold the Storm-bag horizontally, in an “accordion” shape in the upper half of the bag. The folds must be adjusted exactly to the marks placed on the central axis of the sail. The last folds will be adjusted so that the halyard point alone can be pulled out at the top of the bag.

3) Fold again in two “accordions” each side on its half bag, leaving free the central area delimited by the vertical marks. The fold markings must be adjusted on these vertical marks. The last fold will be adjusted to allow the sheet rings to protrude.

4) Close the bottom of the bag on the upper part by placing the velcro fasteners opposite each other. Place the sheet rings in the side outlets provided in the middle (a velcro tab to pass inside the rings locks them in their position).

5) Cover the sheets and attach them to the velcro buckles inside the bag. Close the sheet carabiner on only one of the two rings; and the one of the estrope on the handle.

6) Fold the bag and clip the two clips.

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